WHY BLOCKING IS USELESS! A Las Vegas Cop Issues a Challenge and Teaches Some Lessons

So you've mastered over 20 kinds of defensive blocks? Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but those techniques may be futile. Chad Lyman is not only a police and military instructor in the state of Nevada, he's also the head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor at Xtreme Couture. In this video, Chad illustrates the futility of blocking in a real world encounter while offering solutions for your consideration. As Chad has challenged the community to find a single clip of a human who fights another human being for money employing blocks, please send them to [email protected] This video is dedicated to real Funker Tactical fans. Those who are less concerned with flash and crave more substance.

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rick neal
Best way block punch, no be there. -- Mr. Miyagi
Urban Student Prepper
Up next: why punching is USELESS
Jeremiah Chung
Says not to block Proceeds to demonstrate how to place your arms in a way that *blocks* the incoming strike using arms. Thats what a block is buddy
Rob Bob
You would have real problems with this style if you run into anyone who knows how to throw hooks and upper cuts.
Leo Yohansen
Never trust staged demonstrations. They always show exactly what the presenter claims will be shown, not real life. Ji-Ta-Na Intercept-Strike-Seize
The last time I was in a fight I blocked every punch with my face.
D.O. dobird
Hey look,funker tactical made a controversial video as click bait again based on unfounded or short-sighted claims.
This dude literally said “blocking doesn’t work” then proceeded to show blocking techniques. Covering is a form of blocking! That’s why it’s called a “cover-block”.
W Md
@2:14 many fighters block or catch punches. Quick example watch Rampage vs Silva 3. Rampage blocks two hooks then fires a KO on Silva. Mma fighters block ground and pound shots all the time. They also often block kicks.
Fly Straight
4:00 Space is not my friend. Space is a friend of NASA and the person defending.🤣👌🏻
Jetty 1502
I know you mean well, but a criminal high on good knows what will use and has in my experience used a blade, needle,bats,rocks, and firearms. In my humble opinion i'll keep my distance and let the situation dictate my defense or offense. Stay strong and ⌚ ur 🕕🇺🇸
Tom Gunn
You dodge when you can, block if you can't, and roll with the blow if you must. A block can reroute the velocity of the blow, and establish control over the assailant. He may be a cop, but I spent a decade in a violent prison with some volatile people. Without being able to block an unexpected blow, on several occasions I may have been overwhelmed by an opponent intent on causing me bodily harm. A true martial artist knows that any means of preserving ones self from injury is a good technique.
grant davies
great legends of self defence stepping off the attack line your a winner
Greg Bellati
look up ufc Rampage Jackson 52 block's!
J Driz
I thought this was a bald Gordon Ramsey lol
Jorge Merlos
Lets just disregard that Muay Thai comes from Muay Boran, which was used in actual warfare. They use blocks. Guess you know more than them.
Mike Mullins
@Duarte Lifetime of streetfighting: No rules, no refs, no rounds, no stoppages, no weight limits, multiple opponents (2-8). #StillStanding
Political Plunder
blocking and covering, should be used interchangeable. Covering you take some damage, but you can't block every shot. Keep your chin down, and guard close, block what you see, cover when you're not sure you can block in time. This all happens in a split second with your adrenaline pumping. Don't over think it. Practice both techniques and you'll know exactly what technique to use when it's time to use it.
Jesus Christ Saves
Blocking is wrong...cover your face and eyes is right Wait. .🤔
"Space is a friend of NASA" - Ex LVPD
Brian Sheeran
He started very well. "If you don't see professional fighters do it, it doesn't work." But he then demonstrated techniques that you don't see professional fighters doing.
Web News Reporter
Blocking to open up his targets while falling in a known motion ! meal of death that can be served with surprise before he had a chance to understand what happened while trying to figure out if he is alive on the ground in stunning pain ! Dr John land Torret . American International karate and kung fu association , has a master program . But it’s frustrating to have one defeated before you can serve his full meal of death ! But it’s amazing what one can learn from a great teacher !
I have to agree with most people here. What this cop essentially did was use was a form of blocking but he just called it 'covering' lol. He was just using a simpler, more compact form of blocking.
basically replaced the word block with cover
Sam. F
3:01 *dabbing intensifies*
The· Blacksmith
Interesting. To me, creating angles is not essential to real world combat. Angles cannot be created they already exist. Physical manifestation is a skill, not an option. There are points of interest that need to be explained. Thanks for the video, but I disagree with your philosophy. I wish you well*
John Walter
He's blocking. And I guess he never saw a boxing match.
Andreas Kure
But isn't what he call covering, what MMA, Muay Thai and boxing calls block???
Deez Nuts
Why my mans be lookin like deadpool without his mask LMFAOAOAOOA
A better title to this might be "blocks don't have to be complicated to still be effective" He's blocking but calling it something else. And if someone wants "proof" that blocking can work, just watch a few MMA fights (especially anderson silva) to see effective blocking in a pressure situation.
Jonny Foote
George Foreman Did that, lol
Debanjan Dutta
Yoel romero (ufc) Wladimir Klitschko(boxing)
Watch any mma fight when a fighter slings a head kick from the side. The other fighter will BLOCK the strike using his forearm to protect his head.
David Rodriguez
Well I dont think this is true, blocking is useful when you're trained enough to break when you block. So...........idk what your talking about man. An example was anderson silva snapping his leg when weidman blocked his kick.
Glenn Watson
I know zero about fist fights but I always thought those blocks were BS. You don't see professional fighters blocking like that. They cover, they dodge, weave or counter punch, but they don't block.
Yass Apud
I told you one guy, ~"LIOTO MACHIDA"~ I WON
Google User
You couldn't knock a Snickers out of a vending machine
William Harrell
Every good pro fighter, boxer, MMA, etc, blocks punches, move out of the way of punches, shifts, changes his or her stance, etc in every fight they have ever had or their career will be very short...like a Rousey who had one trick and then tried to do a stand up exchange and 48 seconds later her career was over. They all block and practice blocking. Blocking and receiving a punch so as to survive the same is the first thing you should learn in any system because in the real world, you do not control when, where or how you will be attacked. If you can't survive the initial assault then you might not live over the assault. I'm calling BS on the whole "blocking is useless" concept.
william johnson
Hell yes, great video guys. Keep up the good work. 👍👍
Neal Aikin
Yes correct professional fighters do not block like that, meaning they do not reach out to receive strikes of which they are standing out of threatening range, with zero body movement and zero counter-attack.
Covering is blocking...
Lance Robert Hough
OMGosh your logic is so flawed and your MMA comparison is not even an argument on so many levels and it's actually irrelevant whether or not one gets paid. I've been in martial arts instructor for 40 years. No one throws a punch without setting their feet? That's BS. I've been teaching martial arts for 40 years. I have coached boxers, kickboxers, and the list goes on. I have been in the ring thousands of times. I watch MMA and sometimes it drives me crazy because there's not enough defense including blocking sticking and moving. Some of the things that you show are quite useful truthfully, but you have to knock off the dogmatic theoretical claims that just aren't true. These pervade the martial-arts, and truthfully are b******* 100% of the time and are the result of black and white thinking. Keep up the good work just please get rid of the absolutist statements. Oh by the way. There are so many people who say stuff doesn't work when the real problem is they just haven't practiced it to a level of mastery. So of course it doesn't work and of course they are likely should not attempt it.
Narrison Babao
Good video but I have to disagree. Cover is good but sometimes blocking is better when dealing with punch not knowing if the attacker has small weapon like a knife. In that adrenal state, you wouldn't know you got stab until after the fact. That why keep good distance is important.
Lorenzo Luilli
Do that "cover" to someone who knows a bit of Judo/sambo/wrestling and you'll find yourself smashed on the concrete before having time to think "oh oh..." Maybe it's better if you rely to that nice gun sitting on your right side :-D
The point is clear, but the idea is not that "blocking is useless" because you clearly do blocking, but rather traditional form of martial arts (karate, kung fu and some others) are clearly not teaching how to fight and get punched. In muay thai, clearly the same type of defense, or MMA same as you show in the video. you are targeting traditional old school belt system martial arts, AND you are RIGHT, their blocking is bullsh-t, nice video
No Tard Tactical
You, are a Fool. Go watch the Tim Kennedy highlight reel. Even Tim blocks. Covering Is Blocking. The only thing you were explaining is creating space or closing distance.
King Alfred
Your playing semantics, covering is just another term for blocking. The technique you showed is sukui uke, a widely used technique in traditional martial arts. Your just repackaging things that have been done 1000 times
Cuddly Lizard
This is only going to work if the other person throws wide swings, if someone just jabs you, you'd be running into them with nothing to exploit. Since you can't cover your entire head, the other person only needs to take one step to open a bit of distance to get a free punch to your head. Even if you keep pushing inwards, you can't tell if someone is going to push to the side. You're also charging in head-first with whatever is on your belt being easy to grab. You're also charging head-first with your vision partially blocked into someone who might have a knife.
Alex Stewart
Plenty martial artist block and counter at the same time. check out a wing chun turning punch. they come from passive square on positions. thanks for the vid and stay safe.
John Hurley
This is smart. I figured a lot of people would nitpick terminology, but what really matters is that it’s true and what you demonstrated makes sense. While many would call the techniques you debunk a catch or a parry, I would say it boils down to two things—one movement is a gamble that risks way too much on assuming it will work and work in time, while the other is a pragmatic play to improve your odds of fighting effectively. The next benefit is this technique is relatively simple and can be practiced and learned quickly, while the other require a lifetime of training to use sometimes—this is impractical for almost everyone. All training is just improving your odds. It’s like wearing a seatbelt. Won a subscriber. You all consistently post smart or at least thought provoking content. Thanks.
Rocky Vela
This is the perfect technique for dealing with maniquins that dont want any trouble..
Staying home is a good block
Semper Fi
I work in provate security. I literally used a modified Age Uke in my last confrontation. Crashing techniques work but tie up too. Yes cover is better but blocks do work
Steve Poarch
This is garbage, you're gonna get someone knocked out. Every situation is different but the problem I have with this is that defense will be futile vs a combination or even a machinegun puncher. Stationary single puncher...maybe. Wrestling/bjj/muay tai a little of each goes a long way.
Kip Blass
Buddy, great video and very applicable and advantageous to street encounters for civilians. But I have to nit-pick - as far as defense for law enforcement? I have some qualms with your tactics, most of which would be fatal to the officer. This is great material to teach the typical student at Xtreme Couture, but not as applicable to law enforcement. 1.) You say, "show me any MMA fighter who uses (blocks) and I agree, the list would be few if any. But MMA fighters differ from law enforcement in one key way - they aren't wearing a gunbelt, and the difference there is that a civilian in an altercation has one major area that needs to be protected more than any other - his head or, as you say, "his computer." A police officer has two - his head for the same reason, and his sidearm which can be used to end the altercation and his life in an instant if the perp has even minor experience with firearms. Someone with minor experience with firearms can grab, un-safety, and dispatch their opponent (officer) in an instant and with one hand even if it's their subdominant hand. 2.) carrying on from the first point, you say, "the cover could be here.... or here... or here..." and look at what your hands/arms are doing in all of your examples - they are protecting your head/face at the expense of moving away from your gunbelt. So while you protect your "computer" you are moving them further from your gunbelt which will get you killed for the reasons listed above - it only takes a fraction of a second. 3,) You show how changing angles can make their punches less effective or inconsequential while your punches are at full effectiveness. The problem with that for a police officer is that, in this day and age where everything is being recorded by both parties, a cop punching a detainee in a less advantageous position will certainly lead to claims of unnecessary force if not police brutality, which may save the officer's life at the expense of his career or may even dismiss the case altogether.
Leo Belfield
blocking is only useless if you don't throw one back in a flash.
George ParZival
"Space is a friend of NASA" Classic dude 😬😂
The funny thing with this is that at the higher levels, traditional martial arts don't really emphasize blocks as "blocks" or seperate techniques from strikes. Strikes and blocks are supposed to flow into one another just as your defense should become your offense and vice versa. Yet a lot of martial arts lost this aspect. I think the terms really become a stumbling block (lol) as we learn. Breaking down the mental barriers we use with words is good.
Kenneth Pollard
Man thank you,finally someone with some honesty. You are totally right about blocking. Problem with alot martial arts school they have become to soft do to being afraid of mothers taking them to court. It can be hard finding a legit school or dojo. Great video
Ted Lindfors
Cover is a form of blocking,
Captain Win
Boxing - Mayweather. This guys argumernt falls on it's arse when you watch any boxing match. If what he said was true, every boxing match would just be a fight and over in seconds but they're not like that. You don't need to 100% fully block punches. The block can deflect in a different direction or take a huge amount of energy out of the punch plus, the guy throwing the punch can be off balance or vulnerable to a good counter punch while being blocked. Yeah, on the street fighting some drunken bum, go 100% to overwhelm and KO him. Fight a pro who knows what he's doing and if you go 100% he covers for 30-60 seconds and you punch yourself out and he picks you off like a thief picking your pockets.
booger king
Muay thai guy will hit you in the body using their knee if you do that
my first crappy video Billy
You couldn't remove the pistol for the demonstration?
Flash Gordon
Be your own best back up. Sound advice from a pro cop, I can't argue with that.
Space is a friend of NASA 😂
jason shiflet
Wow how amazing o my gosh what a blessing I opened up YouTube and this video popped up , this man is a blessing GOD KNOWS MY HEART. BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY MIGHTILY SIR. SO AWESOME. GODBLESS LVMPD IN CHRIST JESUS MIGHTY HOLY PRECIOUS PERFECT NAME❤
the real Jack Myers
there are lightweights who can punch over 20 times in 1 second. in hung kuen, we trained alot with punches, and blocks, and blocks are used to disable arms. it works fine on the street, and the ring, so all u youtubers are fighting hacks. this is all nonsense to self defense, but looks good for officers in life and death situ, tho. i agree wt u there. i put a guard up, normal training, i'm good. always was, i'm 61. my dad was HPD. a bad situ when some nuts trying to get your weapon. kudos for trying to help there. but blocking trained intensely, works very well, for trained civilians. neither of u would stand a chance against our school. no offense, most ppl don't train that hard. uve been in the ring with young men, with little training. and all fights are corrupt due to betting. i fractured a guys arm with just an inside block. bang, sounded like an explosion. you are correct in all the other things, tho. we all start out with nothing. thanks from my officer relatives, for the advice.
Michael Gonzalez
Y'all training like casuals has more to do with your techniques not working than the techniques themselves.
Jock Campbell
Not convinced by the second move, you've opened yourself up to a punch and the perp has a chance to counter-move. Your first move is excellent, close right in and cover while securing his striking arm with your left arm but then I'd simply thrust out my right arm in the nook of his neck and bring it around his neck to take him in an underarm headlock, then I'd simply drop to my knees, taking the perp with me to the ground. His immediate instinct with both hands is to prevent head contact with the ground, so he can't punch your body for that instant as you drop down with your full weight. Once he's down you can hold him there, catch your breath and reach behind with your left hand for your handcuffs. The perp is effectively immobilised and unable to use either arm as he's in an impossible position from which to strike out or reach for your weapon. From that position you can easily get one of his hands cuffed. You should then be able to pull him to a flat lying position (face down) where you can kneel on his back to cuff the other arm.
Nasa says they don't like your hate on space.
Harris Frankou
some one should do a video "Why you should never do a video on never doing something" It can be about Guitar MMA Stocks or anything else!!
Tony Ferguson​ just used a wing Chun block in a fight he deflected a punch with his hand and then counter elbowed with the same arm. Then there are other fighters who I have seen block with different ways other than covering up. It's more rare yeah and covering up is more effective, but other blocking methods aren't completely useless.
Scott Palangi
This guy knows what he's talking about. Fantastic, @ 1:48 sums it up. Thanks for saying that exactly the way you said it.
Anon Non
Grandpa baldilocks literally spends the entire video teaching blocks.
Neal Aikin
I'm waiting for the follow-up video titled why you might get knifed up using these techniques
Cory Clutterham
Parries and blocks happen so fast in prizes fighting especially mma but I guess he can't keep up with that
Joshua Wright
Correct me if I'm wrong: Do not reach for opponent's strike to block or parry but cover your head and close distance.
Carl Forbes
My wrestling coach used to say wear the head goes the body follows
Keep it 1000
He blocked his face by dabbing
Jim Jim
I always thought when people tried to block they either were extreme professionals or BS artists! This guy makes a whole Lotta sense. At least you know what to look for. 👍🏼
Wow! That was awesome! Sensible as well as practical; I will never forget it!
Dennis Goe
Blocks and fast strikes are very important. He is wrong about that. I have had many fights and objects Swung at me where the correct block and technique worked.
Rocco Cersosimo
Definitely the most realistic and useful fighting advice I've seen
The I Of Horus
so what do you call George Foreman's style? where he'd CONSTANTLY reach out and stuff guy's punches before they could punch him?
Clifford Starks
Nice tips, love and respect the art of fighting 👍
Mike Jones
U are dead wrong buddy. U never encountered a professional then. Usually anyone who does can't live to tell the story. Sports is sport and real world outside the ring is a bit different. U block with force ... faster then the attacker as u move forward in to him. And at the same time with same motion u strike. U break his attack in this way and from there its up to u. Not everyone has a mind set to behave in this way. Most do exactly as u said ... just cover or cover and get in the angle battle or a scuffle. Controlling distance is easier if u don't have strong will and mind set. But covering up as u just did is a huge no in my life bud. U get in a scuffle like that and he draws a knife... u are a dead man. Won't end well i don't care how many angels u can pull out ur ass. U will get carved up real good.
John Johnson
That stuff won't work against my flying spinning, upside down, thunder kick! I got a 10th degree Black belt in kung fu sound effects too.
Jake Strubar
Bas rutten blocks that way he even point it out when he breaks down his in ring fighting style $
Come forward into my knife. Close into my knife. I love you.
Medic Engineer
3:29 "No one punches from here." Bold statement because I've seen it dozens of times working in clubs and I've seen guys get KO'd by a well placed "gun slinger" punch.
Lance Lima
Bro i dont think you can beat me in a fight
Noah G.
You're still blocking my dude.
Street Hierarchy
Chad Lyman, here; B-U-N B, Pimp C.
Steve austin
Crazy I see people blocking in MMA and Boxing. Where is this guy coming from?
Alan Garcia
then we have that guy on YouTube who's swears by Kung Fu and teaches elaborated complex defensive techniques as if in a fight you could press a slow motion button to go matrix and take your time to process every detail in order to have a Shaolin movie-like fight lmao 😂😂😂
I just fast forward to the porn part.
Daniel Opie
I like how he is showing a jujitsu perspective vs a Muay Thai approach
It's a matter of style and personal preference, as well as distance and timing. If the opponent is farther away and throwing a wide sucker punch, the double-arm block works better. Against a tight hook at close range, the elbow cover is preferred. Plus the double-arm block can be a simultaneous attack too. IMO, always beware of claims that begin with "Show me ONE guy....." because they usually contain too much personal bias.
I think that the person in this video is severely biased. It may be because they trained in bjj. Blocking is very useful, and the "basic" stance in boxing is a block (both hands up (I mean up as in they aren't just relaxed by the sides), protecting as much as possible ). Meanwhile, blocks/parries go unnoticed in sports like mma because they are usually followed by a riposte which makes it just look like an attack, and the covering that he's talking about is essentially the same as blocking, but it allows him to get in close where he can grapple. Nothing wrong with that fighting style, but saying that blocks/parries are useless is just plain wrong.