Evil Bikes The Calling Ridden and Reviewed

Today we bring you the first look at Evil Bike's newest all-mountain/trail bike: The Calling. This carbon fiber beast sports 131mm of metric, RockShox Super Deluxe powered rear wheel travel and can be paired with a 130 to 150mm travel fork. Opt for 27.5" wheels or go plus size with 26+ for all the traction you can handle. Watch our video to see us rip this thing and hear what we have to say about it, and then head to our in depth review.

Sander Bærøy Johansen
that trail steals the spotlight completely!! god damn that looks fun;)
Brandon Clark
those honking brakes triggered my ptsd from when i used to have avid elixirs
I love your bike builder, and your channel, keep it up!
Goodman 4525
26 plus has been here before 27.5. Anyone remember the Surly instigator 2.0 ?
Rod Long
26+, LOL. 5 years ago, 29 better than 26 in every which way 2 years ago, 27.5 the perfect combination between 26 and 29, cause 26 not stable and 29 too slow. Within the past 2 years, + tires for every size along with 'boost' axles, cause there was just so much flex in those 15-20mm forks and 12mm rear axles. Now, 26+, this REALLY is the best of everything....until next year anyway.
Jose Collazo JR.
i appreciate the way you two did this review,shows both of you riding it i dont like bike reviews when the camera is chest mounted for a shakey video and you cant see the bike, then you talk about it with it being there with you,good job guys i cant stand being out of the northwest anymore
The Trails!!!!
The Mediocre Mountain Biker
Was this tested in 27.5 or 26+ configuration? I'm curious what the fork/wheel/tire spec is for this particular review.
T Bisket
26+ or it didn't happen... (...but thanks for showing; met you guys at Seattle Swap, very cool, good luck! )
mike Bussart
26+ interesting
26+ is too small 27 1/2 was the baby bear juuuuuuust right imo
doopy noo
I have a set of HOPE M4 brakes with HOPE rotors that I got back in 06. They have never squawked like your bikes do. That's gotta bug...
It's nice to see that another brand is interested in 26+! In my opinion 27.5+ overall wheel diameter is again way too much, just like the 29er.
One Time
So only 140mm travel? And what a the frame and shock weight? I'm currently riding a 13 Uzzi, 180 f/r with 26+. And I love it. I'm under 29lbs now but could likely drop another # or 2 with a carbon frame.
27.5 front 26er rear add 20 mm to the front fork. now you have a beast. 35 mm id rims minion 2.5 dhf front, 2.35 rock razor supergravity snake skin trailstar on the rear. coupled with crankbros new large stamp pedal. 780 mm w 20mm riser carbon Rollin withouta colon!!!
nice indepth review/comment, but im sorry i cant stand that dudes voice.
Roby Goncalves
Just wheel manufactures trying to make more money, what next, 24+ or 32ER ?
That trail looks D A N K
Tou Her
How tall are the riders in this video? What size frame?
I would have liked to hear what Jaden thought about the bike compared to the other Evil bikes.
Rossy Rocks
I thought you were gonna bend the wheels way out of whack at 0:54
Chris Huffmire
Hey Guys, great video. I am actually in the market for a new bike and I just watched your other video on the Insurgent VS the Wreckoning. Out of the 3 bikes, which you say is geared more towards enduro racing? I race and ride in the NE, mostly in NY and VT. Also, what improvements would you recommend? Keep up the awesome work!
we want to see the bike not u guys
corey mclernon
Great review except not a lot of descriptions on pedaling, climbing or cornering? And wtf is up with more wheel sizes and metric sizing on shocks?!........ does this mean I better wait a couple more years before I buy a bike? Boost, plus size wheels, 12 speed. Now if I buy a bike this year, what's going to happen next year?
Cristian Girón
Awesome review! Greetings from Guatemala, could you guys tell me what brand of mud guard are you using for this bike?
Alexandre Asselin
Do you have a 140mm fork on this video? Can the Pike be extended to 150mm? Rad video and bike !
Alexandre Asselin
I m interested in the Calling , but I m wondering if it s enough travel or if the Insurgent is a better « do it all » bike ? What do you think?
Robert Bullard
Hey guys love the video wondering if you could give me some advice please ?I have an evil insurgent and love it on the downhill, but is not the best up hill. is the calling better at climbing? or would you say a santa cruz Bronson cc would be better? cheers
What trail is that
Tay Tay
29er for life