Detective conan - conan's revenge

Gwyneth Tomines
revenge is never been sweeter than this
Niceu Conan!👍
There 4 You
Stop MESSING With Conan He Needs to focus on the Men in Black.
Captain Lily
1:07 kid: shhhh Me: squeal like crazy *flip the table* *flip the chair* *flip the laptop* and lastly *flip my lil sister* and continue to squeal XDDDDDDDDD
Shara Floofy
**casually runs away with ship** hhhh
Loneliness Eric
The most ironic fact is Conan and Kaitou is the same person 😂 In a way....
Franchesca Del Valle
what is the episode pls tell me
S.T walker
Prit Gandhi
What's written on the paper on kid's back? Can someone pls translate?
T. Law
Really admire conan
chetan mh
Finished watching this episode just now. 😁
novi jon
Poor's kid... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Harley Huskey
I laughed super hard when I read this part on the manga and I laughed super hard while watching this
Roberto Torres
What episode is it??
Amber Sison
I'm a big fan of Kaito Kid but I really can't stop laughing on the ending 😂
Beyblade / Filme
Welche Folge 😮 ich hab es vergessen 😣
hehehehe he
can someone tell me which episode does kaito start to appear that does not include in kaito kid anime ?? around 550?? tell me pls cuz i only watch for kaito kid XD
Yo Mama
Berri naisu, Konan-chan!
Dachelle Santos
Where can i find the full ep or can someone give me the link
Rito Yuuki
cambo fm
0 Dislikes :)
Tan Hong Wei
What is this ep?
oh yeah, he made his armes smaller, so he locked like Genta, right?
Ngiow Hwai ler
What episode is this?
Yatsu Chan