Marc Almond - Say Hello Wave Goodbye, The One Show

Say Hello Wave Goodbye – The story of the song. BBC1 - The One Show, 10th March 2017.

Roxy Rocket
Is it me or has Dave ball aged horribly
He looks like someones' Grandad. (Dave)
Zac Mumblethunder
This song, probably more than any other, really captures that end of a bad relationship feeling, when it's just time to cut your losses and say "Stuff it, I've had enough".
Kris Scanlon
I think it's amazing song really it transcends the synthesizer Duo sound. It also said conversely that there was much strength in these terrific singers with these keyboards going off the background. Annie Lennox Alison Moyet and Marc almond were three of the greats. I would say a runner-up would have to be David Gahan with what he was doing with Depeche Mode. I think the precursor to all this was the late great Ian Curtis with his heavy toned voice behind all this racket. The economy of sound Post Punk.
Kenny Logan
Oh dear!
Vale Weakness roses adventures
My lovely xx