AMAZING IPPON by Brose 😮 BROSE (BRA) vs SHYMYRBEKOV (KAZ). Karate 1-Premier League Rabat

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Dragos_ Mihai
6:15 thank me later
Thales Wüst
literally no one: Douglas Brose: WAAAAAAAAAH!
Leonar 00 900
6:19 ya valió, fue hermosa esa uramawashy :')
kostas 78k
Wkf killed karate
Gregory Zhang
Why did he keep screaming like that 😂?
Panda Sambo
Воют как мартовские коты!!!!
Пользователь Теле2
Гавриил Лябушев
вообще не понимаю этот вид спорта просто ржу! ахахахаха
max BS
У меня сестра в три года круче бьёт
Anderson Lucas
Melhor Do Brasil <3
Aqui é Brasil porra
Ajax Blair
Man Cobra Kai made it look like MMA.
Flowsnow Snowflow
Балет какой то, а не каратэ. Вы ещё что то про киокушинкай говорите!
kei. japan
Juliaus Kanaliuxs
6:15. Thank me by just liking this comment;)
There is no ZANSIN
Roselene Barbosa
Assistindo aqui fico super nervosa!!!😦
Quan Nguyen
Are you Karate Nerd???. Welcome to Youtube chanel: JESSE ENKAMP. He is a Karate Nerd.
Gonzen Hon
Jin Kazama
Felipe n
chute do azul foi bonito ,mas nao foi eficiente e mesmo assim ele ganhou ponto , nesse campeonato nao ta valendo eficiencia de combate e sim o "show"
มะนาว หวาน
เป็นการต่อสู้ที่เบาแต่เน้นตรงจุดและเคลื่อนไหวตลอดเวลา ชึ่งต่างจากมวยไทยเพราะมวยไทยเป็นมวยใช้สมาธิใครเคลื่อนไหวพลาดคือตายเพราะมวยไทยอาวุธหนักทุกอาวุธ เพราะมวยไทยเป็นของนักรบสมัยโบรานของไทย ซึ่งอาวุธแต่ล่ะอาวุธมีไว้เพื่อฆ่าสตู
World Of Tanks ► Tank_Apocalypse
хрень, а не бойцы.
Abdul Ali
To those calling these fighters "dancers"   you must have never been to a dojo in your life. Yes, they are specialised in karate as a sport , and hence there is extreme emphasis on speed and not strength behind the hits, but lets not pretend they arent black belts in their own rights, with years upon years of drilling and perfecting techniques in kumite. Its not that they cant add power to their punches, its just that they dont have to. Any good dojo teaches the difference between the application of movements in street and just what is necessary in kumite competitions. As someone who has been doing kickboxing for years, im still just barely toe to toe with my black belt best friend; the strength and speed is awe-inspiring.
Maximilian Pfennig
Super Kampf Douglas Brose santos👍
The blue guy should not be scored for his jumping movement because I don’t think it should be called a kick! It really take few times to watch slow motion and still frame to figure it out. If you ever watch Bruce lee movie, the jumping movement initially looks like a jumping back hook kick. If you saw the still frame at some timing, you will see his lag is inside red’s guard. This may draw conclusion of a score. But if you look more carefully.... The jumping and turn is going in the direction of north on our screen. But his leg was far away and possibly over the red’s head. Then the blue swing back forward( west and south of our screen) and dropping downward at this point. If you look at the frame now, you see his leg is inside red’s guard and looks blue had break into red’s defense. But his leg was actually moving away from red’s head at this point instead of coming in and control not to hit. This is ridiculous to give points like this. More like a movie fx. Of course, the red is u skilled to turn back on blue in fight. No excuse for that too.
Carlos Magno CasteloBranco Filho
Será campeão olímpico
Я пьяный Мне можно
Что то слабая премьер лига у вас, пендосы👈😂😂😂Казах бы его разделал, как японец рыбу...
Rare kick. I have seen it once on Tallinn Buldog where the kick resulted in maiming the opponent and the performer was disqualified. But here it was perfect.
Dinesh Jaiswal
You like karate so like here😅👇👇👇
Tudose Valentina
On the world karate competition is a one țărani?
I3IO Hazard
I don’t think he should get the 3 points because even though you land a attack but you fell down it’s not supposed to be counted as a point because you need to have the correct landing or form
KirAt SonowAl
Betichod matdekhna video sale uchalte rehte h sirf
Cleidma Silva
Esse ura e o preferido do Vam Dame 🤣😂😂
I would like to see these guys take a low kick from an thai
Mostafa Alhaj
Amazing timing, Douglas. Before Symyrbekov could finish his turn, Douglas foot was right on his eyes.
Marky Marco
Kazak sounds like Jim Carrey.
Sensei Shakira
Nice to see, so many bogus comps out there. All about the money. This was world class, I love the entry to the mat, skills of both fighters and mostly the way it was managed. Video reviews etc. So many fake comps would have disqualified a competitor for that last kick
Anuar Tulebaev
Что за балет я сейчас посмотрел...???
dj w
Spinning ura mawashi? I think the name for that is ushiro mawashi. Nevertheless nicely done.
Cássio Rei
Belo ippon
Vinicius Roberto
BR é outro nível
Assaf Chelouche
If you are on your feet after a kick like that you probably was kicked by a girl
Ronal Rios López
jsjsjs parecen pvtitas gritando:v
Lily Skywalker
Lol Liu Kang scram
Eka Sipit#
Amazing...😱😱😱itu tehniknya gimana ya? Pengen belajar juga
Nur Kalshabekov
Қазаққа ұтуға болатын еді бірақ бір нəрсе жетпеді.Ол ердің жігері.
Cássio Rei
Belo Ilson
kirby march barcena
You blink, you lose...didn't blinked for more than 5 minutes.
Genjuro Hiro
So this is what they call Karate? 😴😴😴
Josué Peixoto Reis
Douglas "Van Damme" Brose.
razan mumtaz
WTF,the advertisement Ajinomoto wkwk
Ummm why did the guy with blue gloves start scerming
Miriã Souza karatê M
L Loved it love karatê oss
xO.Alicia. Ox
1:35 🤣
Nicolas Rebernik
We Got karate kid right here boii
GonXa Navarrete
"Es un juego de gallinass" sjsjsjsjs
weverton lucas
Belo golpe. .
Никита Горчаков
хахаха я ржал пол часа с их ора
Halime Colak
Karate aşk tır karate sevdadır bunu yapabilen iyi puanlar almalıdır
MAN Misha Dragon
Karate kyokusinkai?
Benny 1001
Incredible finish
Lil Peep Peep
What's with the loud screaming?
I practice Shotokan and I have seen that many people say that Taekwondo does not work, but seeing how karate competitions are nowadays, and especially teaching about the effectiveness of karate, I end up peering that Leven Tuncat wins millions of times to Shotokan
6:15 Ippon ))
kristell Lazo Gamboa
Nineville Entertainment
Good punch but Ippon is something ldifferent for me, like kyokushin
marcell T
Its not a real karate
Jes Bromley
That was sick!
Ahahah stop going AHHHHHHH
Jason McMurry
About as exciting as watching paint dry.
ubiratã jr
Parabéns Douglas, Osu
Ana Clara de Paula
Krl q iPon esse é o melhor mesmo
Анатолий Буханцов
Ha!On last second he must be attacking!This not amazing this last second
Зачем они так орут?
Jagannath Jaiswal
I am also a karate boy why they not hit aura
Franco Borja
creo que lo que enseñan en karate ahora es gritar jajajajajajajjajaja
God like ipon😄
I came to see a fight, not ballroom dancing.
Ν.Π. aueb
Tzanos doing it way better
Joao Carlos Maia
Eu sou BR Vaiii Douglas!!!!!!
Wendy Raymond
That kick x feckin awesome x
Lucas Barbosa
Finalmente encontro um brasileiro ai.
Dominic Howlett
How do you score in karate
elin johannson
This is phefetic....
Tito Dylan
2:12 alguien me explica por qué les pusieron falta?
Zharkyn Bai
Kazakh was better
Oleg Garin
полный отстой... более печального зрелища я не видел. А выигравший боец в конце зигу кинул, я хз, но видимо потомок настоящих арийцев вовремя слинявших из Германии в сторону тёплых стран Южной Америки.
O Palhaçinho Joker
o meu sensei é amigo do brasileiro
TheLegend R14
משגב מלמד
That wasn't an ippon
Luis Cuneo
i love all traditional martial arts i dont care about their effectiveness or if they lose against mma i dont care . but this right here looks ridiculous and not even a fight really, its a point match yes i know, but look at those punches ? thats simply not real
Miguel EG
Jjajajaajja que verga con el que grita
Толку то от его ура маваши в прыжке, если казаху было пофиг на него и он подбежал добивать упавшего бразильца. Какая то тупость в этом WKF. JKA кумите получше выглядят.
Hykaru Agata
xq gritan ? ajajajaj