Best of Skip To My Lou

The best of Rafer Alston AKA Skip To My Lou.

Damn I miss this whole Era from the park to the music.
Skip to my Lou should be in that BIG3 League!!!
Chris Gimutao
Skip the original! The misinformed youngins better stop with that professor BS!!!!
WOW! so much time has passed, I remember when AND1 was peakin! RESPECT to the original STREET HOOPERS
Skip is the biggest And 1 legend of them all. He started the shit with Alimoe. He got an NBA opportunity based on his talent in the streets.
Skip 2 my lou is a legend AND1 !!!!!
redsea splitta
You can tell kyrie watched him a lot. Kyrie dribbles like him. I'm not talking about his skipping dribbling but his actual NBA moves are so crisp! Example his misdirection cross in transition is so far beyond his time!! And his in and out to the spin is impeccable!! Salute to a real one!
Aaron Pooh
Skip,A.O. and Alimoe were the best.
Had to come here after wondering why the jelly layup looked so familiar. Knew I had seen it from skip on the vhs mixtapes from back then. Check it out at 3:37 and tell me that isn't the jelly layup.
streetball's magic jhonson
Paolo Inigo
I remember half man half amazing too
Raf TV
Original jelly 3:32
its interesting because he doesn't do crossovers as much as normal fancy dribblers. he does alot of behind the backs and spins and through the legs
Back when Foot Action sold long, baggy shorts and not this daisy duke shit they sell now.
whole 2009 season he played amazing the guy played nba finals and in the east finals he kinda schooled lebron here and there.. too bad for the finals ring on his hand would be like a throne.. but yo one of my inspirations for sure!
Sheppard Moore
skip at 16 17 was KILLING!!! grown men at the rucker,he was doin this back in early to mid 90s on the first AND1 he laid the blueprint for the $hit
1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!
He's the reason Orlando went to the finals.
Tony Trees
Wish skip got more time in Houston
mohamed saciid
You all gonna see a arm swinging over roc like am skip to my lue
Veritas Veritas
What I enjoyed about his game was, there wasn't hardly no travelling and walking. Sorry but I can't respect other "Street Ball Legends" who travel, carry and walk with the ball.
Kobe Kardashian
Greatest street baller of all time
Kc Jones
The ONLY And1 player tht made it to the NBA Ship is the Goat of my Era.. 80sbby
The Real
Streeball Legend!
Dye Slo
Lol.... I went to Cardozo with Rafer!
Nathan Goss
His influence improved my handles for better and worst (there is such thing as overdoing it. efficiency is key).
yooooo you are the real mvp!! i love this channel man :') anyways please make best of headache sik wid it and dribbling machine :3
Mister Miggs
But the professor is getting all of the glory 🤦🏽‍♂️
I see a little Jelly before it was jelly n this video the true ballers no
Theoretically Applicable Trinity
0:48 whats the name of the rap yo
Whats the name of that last beat
Michael Eyob
I love watching this. This isn't the Skip Tape though. We are blessed for YouTube. It helps the game.
stone cold
Howard Pryor
My Lou was dangerous with that rock... I'll give him best handles out of NYC. Anderson #2 The Pearl #3 Strickland #4 Boogs #5 Kemba #6 IMHO. Tiny Archibald and The Goat honorable Hall of Fame mentions. Lol!
Anthony Hutchison
At his best
dolton kenway
The greatest streetball legend ever!
soundtrack is so dope
Rafer is one of the biggest reasons why the Magic went to the finals.
This is amazing
Carl Lubrin
Use to watch this when I had a basketball game during the weekend every game and use to copy his move why I use number 11
The Dude
I remember when i was about 14-15 i got my first and1 mixtape and i practiced in rain, sleet, and snow all of skips moves, i got pretty good on the street courts, it was hard to earn respect bein the skinny white kid , its not like it is now where everyone is just accepted , i had to prove i could hoop back in the day but once it was known people stopped trying to fuck with me, never got picked last anymore which was nice. It was such a good feeling being called white chocolate , before that nickname was mainstream. When ur young all u want is people to tell u that ur passions are paying off ,u know.
shaheed tillery
Skipto my lou is a legend and 1
Stringed Vortex
skip it souce it and them tell em professor
Prince Samuels
Actual legend from streets blacktop to hardware.. BALLISLIFE AND1/NBA 4LIFE..
what did happen to these tours
Yo Boi Gene
what's the beat or song at the end of the video
V. P
Rip this channel
dk 21
the goat
Legend. Bring back NBA Street.
Terry Smith
One my favorite's alongside Professor and hotsauce.
Brandon Posey
In 2000, I attended the Bobby Hearns Basketball Camp and all students got a copy of this And 1 mixtape. I was soooooooo happy to show my friends in the hood this tape. We all learned a whole new level of bball because of Skip.
huge heph
3:03 when ur primary archetype is a playmaker in 2k19...cut that man a check they stole his move
Giannis Kontos
the songs please?
why is the vid unavailable?
Rohan The God
the last beat is called knight road by da prophet
Артем Хлесткий
Почему видео не доступно ?
Brian Rhyne
Joe Dumars was quoted as saying in slam magazine that Rafer is the one person he'd be scared to guard.
Magic Johnson was doin this in 1979
Steven Aviles
OG King of Jelly 💯
Motoi Pearson
Emir Emir
y the video isnt available
Jason "White Chocolate" Williams was sick too
Ruben Tavares
who else was wondering what happened to rafer alston after watching this
The only and1 dude to make it to the NBA
Keith Falconer
I remember a friend from nyc who played against him in high school used to talk about him before the and 1 team got big .... described him as God Shammgod with a jump shot.... but then remember staying up late watching him play at Fresno and thinking are u sure? , but he’s the rare street ball guy who could play without using it ..... oh and anything with Sadat x on it is going to be sick 👍
Man this time just can’t be recreated such a beautiful time
we miss the and1 and tapes...
Neg Ste. Lucie
I'm sure AND1 wasn't owned by Brothers.
Adrian Brown
He did the elbow pass😤
Joe Doe
That move at 3:00 😰🏀
Codeine Yellow
smoove criminal
Basketball GOD
3:30 jeeellllyyyyy🍇
Jaiklee Anmontha
Clint Swite
Van City Baby!!!!
James Watson
What’s that common song? Sexy as hell
Shawn Kelly
Around 6:11 name of song I forget it’s been awhile
Mauricio Camacho
3:30 that jelly tho🤑
Lamont Jackson
Skip 2 my Lou....was exciting and a exciting b-ball player,,but there was a guy before him Rafer Skip 2 my Lou knows ,his name is MasteR Rob that was his Park from 1987 to 1995.. you couldn’t see or get in there it was flooded.... Skip came on the scene in 1994 ,both talented basketball players...
Darius Owens
some 1 said I hoop like him so I watched this
ThaDeacon 87
julius dogta
3:33 original jelly fam xD
truth seeker
Adonnis Colindres
Can someone name the first beat?
5:15 That is *incredible* ball handling. Holy shit
What a narcissistic waste of energy. A team of solid pros would expose this fool instantly.
Michael Joseph
Professor is just as good and quicker.. I keep hearing about him and now its skip to my who? lol Id rather have professors skills
Dimitri Hermantas
This type of editing needs to die smh
Joseph Bentley
Pistol Pete still has best handles in basketball period.
dont see the hype....... hes not dropping people or really breaking anyone
Man I still remember my 1st time watching the And1 mixtapes on VHS as a kid in the 90s.
trash video
Dontever touchmyhat
That's the most new York hip hop I've listened to in 20 years....i don't miss it. lol
esau is The Devil
LOOK AT THE BLACK MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! And Marvel like you've always done.