Highlights Valencia CF vs Real Madrid (2-1)

Valencia CF won Real Madrid with goals of Gonçalo Guedes and Garay. Benzema scored for Zidane's men. Matchday 30 LaLiga Santander 2018/2019 Subscribe to the Official Channel of LaLiga Santander in HD | 2019-04-03 00.00h | J30 | VAL | RMA LaLiga Santander on YouTube: />LaCopa on YouTube: />LaLiga 1|2|3 on YouTube: />Facebook: />Twitter: />Instagram: />Google+:

Clear example that the problem this whole time for Real has been the players, not the manager
reja uw
what a goal by Guedes
Cristobal Soria
Zizou entrenador always Ahahahajajajajajajajaj se acabó la flor de ZIZOU!!!
Ben Yedder
Ramos: "We will continue winning without Ronaldo" The best joke I ever heard 😂😂😂😂
Heroic Miquio
Cristiano Ronaldo make RM win everything As a Portugal Men, and Guedes coming to Destroy RM.. What a FUN... Ramos say that RM steel making goals withotu, CR7.. What a big JOKE,,, Roanldo made the DIFERENCE....
Kok Ming Lee
But this... does put a smile on my face :) HaHa Madrid
Emmanuel Reyes
Real Madrid its is over vs for valencia 😢😢😢 next round is winner benzema ❤️❤️❤️2-1
Danny 7u7
El problema es este equipo obvio zidane no hará nada ahorita
dri dri
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
That moment when anything your team does never works and you always lose
sergio garcia
Amunt valencia!!!!!!
Irakli Samsonia
35' Goncalo Guedes (1-0); 83' Ezequiel Garay (2-0); 90+3' Karim Benzema (2-1)
Emmanuel A
Seriously why are the real players smiling like that at the end ?!?! Shocking performance
Ari Sugiarto Sugiarto
No CR7 no win hahhahha
Bang Ojol_Viral
still the fault of courtois ?
Greeny Kor
Rubbish players
Nikos 8
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Rixx Kumar
Dayum not our night
جوان و بريكا
Yo soy de Marruecos visca Valencia hhh
Jhonatan Agudelo
Yono Sepe
mi madrid destrozado...como alguna vez un gran amigo me dijo yo se que te gusta el buen futbol por eso se que algun dia te dire bienvenido al mejor club del mundi el barca...jajaja una tremenda mierda esta situacion
God bless VAR 🤣🤣
So... Zidane solved the problem, eh....
alberto cardenas
Madrid is safe in the third place the players don't worry just for that game
Дима Николишвили
Corner kicking contest)
Lester Luna
El efecto Zidane
Sophia Raducan
Erick Lopes
Andrew Griesel
Lahat Diokhane
Number 2 like please
Mark Phillips
What's happened to Isco and asensio? They looked phenomenal last year
Heroic Miquio
Ohne Ronaldo ist Real nichts Wert, RM können holen wer Sie wollen, RM wird nie wieder das selbe RM wie es einmal war... So einfch ist das, wie kann man denbesser Spieler die RM; je hate gehen lassen, man sieht ja was er bei Juventus macht, fast in alleingang Juventus weiter gebracht. Ronaldo, kann sein was er will, er gibt alles und zwar alles, solche spiele wünsche ich mir in der Bundesliga... Wäre ich FC_Bayern Manager/Boss, hätte ich ihn geholt und zwar ohen jene gedanke zu verlieren, wie die Bayern Spielen, wurde Ronaldo ganz easy seine 40-50 Tore machen...
Just shows who they were really missing.... Cough cough Ronaldo cough cough!
Barcelona Fc
Joel Edits
Segundo comentario
Barcelona Fc
Daniel Fuentes
Anif Kambaros
Hhhhhhee hhhhhhhhhhhwwwwwkkkkkkkk
Евгений Парфенов
Rania Elamin
I don,t like your video. 😡
Josiely Nayara
Real Madrid👉🚨👉🏆👉👎👎👉😭👉💼👙👠👉😰
"Zidane effect"
Where is Raúl? Zidane? Figo? Guti? CR7? R9? Roberto Carlos? Etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. ? Who the HELL is Lucas Vasquez?!?!? WHAT DA FAKK. who the LIVING FAKK is Asensio?!?!?! Real Madrid is NOT a club for trying out promising youth players. This is a club where THE ABSOLUTE BEST PLAYERS play. And do NOT want me to talk about ((((((((((((Benz..........))))))))))))) P E R I O D AAAAARGHRGHRGRHGRHGR But seriously. It's a travesty.
Megat Azman Megat Khalid
Marcelo will be sold soon for sure as he was caught laughing after the game ended .. what a disgrace... horrible players altogether
Marco .R
Zidane out