Leslie & Amine - Sobri

This is a French & Arabic [Moroccan] song. For those of you who understand neither language, I'll put up a translation later on, or better yet, I'll try putting subtitles, it'll be my first time putting subtitles, but I'll try my best. For now, so I won't leave you bewildered about what the song's about, I'll give a brief explanation about what it's speaking of. Basically, it's two people who're in love & want to settle down; in other words: marriage. But, due to their difference races & religions, her family doesn't accept it, seeing as he is "different". So, it's talking about how if they're meant to be together, no matter what obstacles might come in their way, they will be together regardless of their races & religions. I think it's a nice song, because as much as you try to avoid it, it happens... a lot if you think of it. I leave you with this, then. =) Hope to see comments & rates. This is my first time uploading! Bye bye. ^^ Anneyonghae sayo...

@Lynndor You could always just use Google annotations.
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ok merci ^^
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he is moroccan
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j'adooooooooore de trop where is Amine from?
I'd love to see the subs as well. Seeing as this song is in two languages, translations online are hard to come by (well... impossible from what I've seen)
I love this! At first I didn't like these guys, but it was because I heard Sobri 2, even though I like it now. They have good voices ^_^ Plus Arabic and French are the two languages that I speak so it all works out :P Haha. Also, do you speak Korean? I think that's Korean that you wrote at the very end in the video description...?
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sick vid
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yea morrocan sang in algerian
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