Underdog - Kasabian (cover) Jess Greenberg

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If you look really close theres a guitar in this video.
one of these days I will hook up some speakers so I can hear her too.
I think we're all here for the same two reasons; her excellent voice and musicality.
Well, she knows what she's doing obviously, but I'll let that slide because, Kasabian is my favorite band, and that was a pretty good cover.
Marco Witteman
i want to be that guitar so bad
Bodyknowledge 77
Talented and hot..Using what she got. Knowing what she's doing,and mostly getting what she's persuing
You got pretty.......eyes.
"cloak and dagger!" i got chills lol
Clayton Han-Mitchell
Anyone dissing this girl for being bold and beautiful and smart and talented all at the same time, and not being afraid of her skin, is simply messed up in their own minds. Jess, you are smart and talented, and yes, I clicked on the video because you were beautiful and alluring, but, dang! can you play.  Great work.
Aaron Sedgwick
yes love this song, good to see you did this one, up the British haha. Good to see you did the bob dylan one also.
Fen Yandari
The Best Song You Ever Play, Jess! I love Kasabian and it's amazing with your voice!
Jamie Platt
I'm really impressed with some of her music choices
Vinicius Corrreia
Can you make a porn video?
Zafice TvX
I like how the "music" bounces ;)
Bruno Outlaw
Hi Jess, just saw quite a few of your videos and quite a few of the comments too. Thanks for not listening to the negativity over the years. I seen a lot of ppl saying that you only have so many views because of your chest but the bottom line is that you have mad talent, great singer and guitarist. Also, many folks may not realise that you put in a ton of physical work to maintain your figure, keep it up bud. your music sounds great. Take care,yeah? cheers
Ver comentarios tan machistas y asquerosos me dan ganas de vomitar. Y el de 'quien quiera violarla que de like', ¿tú estás bien de la cabeza? En fin.
Cezhar Arevalo
So le'ts play a game: 1.- Play the video 2.- Now close your eyes 3.- Then listen to the guitar 4.- Now Listen her voice 5.- Open your Eyes No, you're not dead, non you're in heaven, but She is an Angel
Вячеслав Музыченко
У неё БОЛЬШИЕ Молочные железы, Это Классно.
Best music to FAP
Lisa Eckert
Pretty cool your Great Singer and Guitar player can you please make a cover from Christina agilera fighter?
scotty lowe
Puberty treated this girl amazing
Вишневский Георгий
Всё что я люблю!  Гитара, девушка, музыка.. Ну и сиськи, конечно, сиськи.
Aaron Figueredo
todos los que la quieran violar 20 veces diario den un like
Zac Welsh
Really nice pair of personalities
Drunk in love cover plz
I wonder why she doesn't upload she's pretty popular
*Quepechotes* (*_*)
I would love to hear you play Californication by Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Marcello Sorice
please can you up more video? you are fantastic!
Caleb Pechumer
It's funny how fast girls are to judge other girls lol obviously she is getting way more attention then you are, so what exactly is the problem here? Cause your comments sure aren't affecting the revenue she gets from these videos. Let her enjoy playing music, and you enjoy sitting on a computer "yelling" at her for being hot.
Finished this video, thought, what an amazing cover, just realised my sound was off, awkward.
Артур Жуковский
Привет тебе из России!)Талантливая ты девочка!Шикарно исполняешь песни.!
U need to get an electric guitar
U r actually amazing
The Plot is so niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... :)
Артём Беликин
стоит спрятать сиськи и 90 процентов подписчиков пропадёт
After two minutes a guitar appears from nowhere
excuse me but you are beautiful and please, sing "The pretty reckless" for me  :)  
Pls, do a System of a Down's song pls *-*
Daan van Lingen
Why is she covering the reason we men watch this with a guitar? xD
I swear I was looking at the perfect guitar.
and then she stopped making videos :)
Sir Edward
que buenas tetas *-*
Abdoul Kalto
Everyone has to love the original but wow you did great
I really respect that you are playing this stuff live, undoctored.. that is cool and takes skill.  However, I don't think anyone can take the music seriously when you are making such a show out of your breasts.  I think you should either model swimsuits or tight sweaters, or play music.  Mixing them just makes it a circus act.
Benix Clandesteam
+ROI ECU. Merci hein ^^
Артур Цамаев
если присмотреться можно увидеть девку, не только поющую гитару
Alec Colarossi
wow. you are so amazing
Has over half million subs and does not upload ...
Need For Speed Film
и кто то же ебёт это счастье...
I thought that I was good at playing guitar then I heard you and I thought daaaamn you be gooood at guitar babe :D
Keith Buckson
I'm just going to keep this short, or I'll sound like an a-hole. I love this lady, she's an amazing artist I hope to match one day.
Sam Batchelor
Holy shit not only my fav song made in my home town but done by her 😍😍😍😍
Please post some new covers! Please?
Focus Back
comeback <3
i like your boo....... guitar i like your guitar
Sandra Alencar
gente por favor, parem de criticar o decote da garota... Se achas vulgar não olhe... cada um com seu jeito de se vestir; ela queria mostrar o talento dela: no caso a voz, bom ela mostrou agora se vocês olharam outras coisas não é culpa dela... Alias muito talentosa a garota...
Hi Jess, I like your style, just ignore the comments about your appearance, apparently overly-imaginative adolescent boys are allowed to watch youtube too unfortunately. But I wanted to ask, do you ever play electric (solid body) guitar? I can see you fronting an awesome band. Do you have any originals? Best for 2014.
José Luis Sainz
Came for the boobs, stayed for the music! Good cover!!!
This is a good cover.
robin curt
Wow amazing !!! The singing was good also lol
Antonio Durán
Nice voice!!! I would like to sing with you!
Lord_Viper Channel
Я всё видео тупо на сиськи смотрел!!!О_о
Aria Kay
Sawyer sent meeeee
Eey, perhaps you should consider singing topless? :D
squeezed lemon
You did this song already I think its great you wanna do it again though
Elie Kh
Who muted this and kept watching?
I came I watched I CAME
A. Alessandro
Yusuf Özdemir
More cover please :( I love ur covers <3
paulo cesar
garota você é o máximo! muito bom
Yamis You2be
Her eyes though <33333
если присмотреться то можно увидеть гитару
Seb Ioo
Your voice is wonderfull ! And.. You too :3 next video please ! *.*
Maryah Massie
You are so pretty!!!! Love your voice and how good you can play guitar!!!!!
Damn!!! YOU'RE VOICE IS AWESOME!!! :3 great job!!!!
Rigo Alejandro
Is this what it feels like to fall in LOVE !! If it was up to me, I would Marry her. She is the most Beautiful woman on Earth. I don't wanna sound like a Perv. but ... Just Sayin'
RePlay RopeJumping
голос супер и играешь круто но это не первое на что обратил я внимание (;
unbelievable talent. like if you were in the same room as her you wouldn't go up to talk to her and if she approached you, you would instantly sweat and say something cringey to sound cool yet only feel shameful and empty
Stefano Semeraro
Can you do Innuendo? Please p.s. you are beautiful ;)
I dont know why but for a reason i like you playing the guitar and singing more than the original song! anyway keep it up....! :)
W Nguyen
What I would give to meet you, your just to gorgeous with an amazing voice
Heigor Martins
I love your version for this, that's awesome! Congrats from Brazil!
Suadeira Fria
beautiful Jess sing one music in portuguese please... love ya 
So cool!!! I like you;))
hunter zembo
Your gorges and u have a good voice.
God Bless You. Jess Great song
Zachary Felkel
must say you are very beautiful and have a lovely voice to go with the looks!!
exellent cover you have a great voice and play real good 5 stars.
amazing guitar skills. 
Leon the Nice
+Jon Pro She uses her big decolletée in order to make people click her video and not the cover of other guys....Pretty smart (and pretty pretty ;)) trick :D
Brett Owens
Easily the most beautiful woman I've ever seen
Josué Brito
QUE BUENA !!!!! Guitarra :)
Aaron P.
MAD TALENT .......the guitar and the voice ......simply amazing 
Bill Hetherington
Man they are just so perfect 
TUPAC PLZ :D : hit em up or something plz 
marcel kosch
You are so beautiful i love youuuu <3333
I think I've just fallen in love
cycle man
you are so good at all the song #s you must of practiced for hours i have been playing for years  rock on girl your cool
Neo Pagliarini
wonderfull vOOice